Customize Your Service

To customize your services you will first need to go to the Services page on your Vivocha account. After you are on the page you simply have to click the  button to the right of the service you want to edit and it will take you to the Edit Service page.



Step 1:

On this page you will have to choose the name of your service, the Graphic Skin and the Color Palette. Underneath the section where you choose the style you can see examples of the style you chose for every type of service.

To find out more about Step 1 click here.



Step 2:

After you choose a name and style that you like, click on the arrow in the top right part of the page to go to Step 2, which will look like this:



On this page you will be able to choose the type of engagement and specify the different things that you would like your service to have. Click on the  button to edit the type of engagement, initial info and data, and communication. The different types of engagements possible are: Simple Popup, Simple Popup 2, Simple Button, Button with image, Multimedia side tab, and Monomedia side tab. After you decide what type of engagement you would like to use, scroll down and you will be able to edit the General Settings, Size and Position, Messages, and Colors.

To find out more about Step 2 click here.



Step 3:

In Step 3 you will be able to add rules for your engagement service. There are various rules that can be used, for example activating the service only during a specific timeframe (e.g. 9am-9pm) or only after the person has been on the site for a certain amount of time. To add a new rule click on the type or rule you want to add, you will then be asked to define all of the details you want for the rule. If you want to add more than one rule you will have to click on the "Add a new Rule" button to the left of the list of rules after creating a new rule to go back to the list. All of the different rules are explained in more detail on our Engagement Rules page.

To find out more about Step 3 click here.



Step 4:

In the first part of Step 4 you will be given the activation code that needs to be copied and pasted into the HTML script of your website. The widget placeholder will also need to be placed into the HTML script, it is what will activate the service on your website, remember to paste it into every page that you want the service to be activated on. The recheck rules section simply states how often the system will check for agent availability for the visitor on your site. 



In the second part of Step 4 you can set the color that you want to be assigned to a contact's window, this can be used to easily identify multiple services in case you use more than one. You can also insert a tag for the service which can be used to attach a service to a specific agent and also to make it easier to find among a list of many different services. The websites section is used to specify on which pages the service should be activated, if you add a website page the service will be activated only on that page and no other pages connected to the website. The last section of Step 4 is A/B testing group, this can be used with two or more services to test which of the services has the best results.

To find out more about Step 4 click here.



After you have finished defining your service you simply need to click on the button to save your service and then exit the page. After pasting the widget placeholder script into your website's HTML code your service will be activated immediately.

This video will teach you how to create and customize a new service, add multimedia capabilities, and insert a data collection widget: