The following are the Vivocha requirements:

  • Vivocha is a web application
  • Cloud: the architecture and the physical placement of servers are transparent to the user.
  • Accessible to everyone through the Internet.
  • Vivocha works with standard web protocols (HTTP e HTTPS).

If you have any Proxy or Firewall your system must allow your network to have a free access on the following domain:

d3btqb6knwd3a4.cloudfront.netstatic assets
fonts.googleapis.comnot required - fonts, fallback
maps.googleapis.comnot required - maps stats
s3.amazonaws.comstatic assets

The web pages requirements are:

  • It must be based on Javascript code, running on the user's browser.
  • The user's browser must allow the execution of Javascript code.
  • The Vivocha Activation Code (VAC) must be present in every page in which Vivocha’s features are to be used.

    Vivocha Activation Code
    <script type="text/javascript">
      var t = document.createElement("script");
      t.type="text/javascript"; t.async=true;
      var n=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];

The Form Sharing requirements are:

  • Forms must be compliant with the HTML standards.
  • Can be limited/disabled through specific CSS classes (optional).

Test your browser and network here:

The Browser requirements are:

The Vivocha Web client supports several browsers. There are some Vivocha  features that are not supported by all browsers.

Officially supported browser are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+;
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version);
  • Google Chrome (latest version);
  • Apple Safari (latest version);

Feature Limitations:

The following table describes the feature limitations and known issues with the supported browsers.

  • Real time stats: available on modern browsers (IE9+);
  • Dissuasion timer (graphical component): available on modern browsers (IE9+);
  • Browser notification: available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox ONLY.
  • Others: other limitations could be applied if the browsers technology doesn't support the feature like:
    • Graphics components;
    • Performances updates;
    • New particular browser-linked features;
    • etc.

To have the best experience with Vivocha, and to ensure that all the console/widgets features will work properly, we highly reccomend to use  modern browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to update the browser regularly, and do not install any browser extensions.


Starting from Vivocha rel 4.3 ( the platform is not more fully compatible with IE8.

The IE limitations are:

  • Some contact apps could not work;
  • Is not possible to use the Telephony features;
  • Is not possible to use the Video-chat capabilities;

The new Telephony/Video features are natively supported in all the browsers that support WebRTC like the last version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Computer / Hardware:

Full HD MonitorHD Ready monitor
Headphone with noise cancellation microphoneHeadphone with noise cancellation microphone
Full HD Webcam (compatible with selected OS)Webcam (compatible with selected OS)

The computer hardware must allow the execution of the browser without slowing down due to inadequacy of cpu and / or ram.

Network ( for each agent ):

CHAT10 kbit/s
CHAT + Contact Apps (Co-Browsing, etc..)100 kbit/s
VOICE + VIDEO300 kbit/s

The latency of the network must be under 20 milliseconds.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 +;
  • Apple OS X - 10.8 +;



vvcu3 years (renewed every visited page)unique identifier of the user, used for reports and for the creation of a contact
vvct30 minutes (renewed every visited page)unique identifier of the visit, which is used for the report and for the creation of a contact


vvc_vp / vpsessionnumber of page views used for the rule of proactivity
vvc_wv_ID /wv_IDsessionnumber of views of the widget used for the rule of proactivity


vvc_host / host sessionprimary node on which is connected the chat (may change during the contact), used to restore the chat while browsing 
vvc_mediaid / mediaid session configuration widget, used to represent the chat used to restore the chat while browsing
vvc_contactid /contactid sessionid of contact, used to restore the chat while browsing
vvc_nick / nick sessionnickname of the user, used to restore the chat while browsing